Mythri Metallizing Pvt Ltd is India’s most leading Thermal Spray Coating service provider for Corrosion, Wear, Erosion resistance employing the state-of-the-art methodologies including surface preparation by Abrasive blasting (Grit, Shot, Copper Slag, Glass Bead and Aluminum Oxide Blasting), Electric Arc spray, Wire Flame spray, Powder Flame spray, HVOF, Plasma spray, Self fluxing spray & fuse coating.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Mythri Metallizing Pvt Ltd has achieved significant milestones and created a dent in the industry as a leading Engineering service provider imparting Engineering excellence towards corrosion protection on steel structures since 1999. Leveraging upon our rich experience and expertise of more than a decade we work with our customers on a collaborative and consultative basis to fully comprehend our customer requirements and offer them with end to end corrosion protection solution right from quality Surface Preparation through to Thermal spray coating of Zinc and Aluminum. Furthermore, we are a team of highly dedicated and qualified Engineering professionals who are all dedicated to deliver projects with utmost sincerity, accuracy and in a stringent Project environment.

Mythri Metallizing Pvt Ltd has always kept abreast with latest and emerging technologies and equipment's, helping us to adhere to industry standard best practices ensuring Quality deliverable's to our customers from across all segments. To that extent we have garnered a huge portfolio of our clients from across the industries and more importantly we have successfully sustained almost all our clients since our very inception. This indeed reflects our Dedication, Commitment towards delivery, Team Work, Quality Policy and our Corporate Governance.