Grit blasting is a technique that creating surface textures by the impact of hard particles. The particles hit a metal surface at high velocity, causing localized plastic deformation. The resulting texture is influenced by the shape, size, hardness, and velocity of the shot particles using high-speed particles.

Being a professionally managed company Mythri Metallizing are actively involved in providing spectrum of grit blasting services. Fitted with modern in-house grit blasting facilities, we have been able to handle all kinds of sand grit blasting efficiently. Our efforts and experience is directed towards attaining complete client satisfaction by offering effective grit blasting.

The use of ultramodern grit blasting machines and equipment has enhanced the quality of grit blasting as per the industrial standards. Through our qualitative grit blasting services, we have been able to remove large area of paint or gel coat. Our grit blasting is suitable for cutting back corroded metal surfaces. We have been able to undertake all types of internally and externally blasting.

Grit Blasting

SA 2 ½ Finish