Plasma Transferred Arc Welding is a thermal process for applying wear and corrosion resistant layers on surfaces of metallic materials. It is a versatile method of depositing highquality metallurgically fused deposits on a wide range of base materials from carbon steel to exotics like non-mag super austenitic and nickel alloys. Soft alloys, medium and high hardness materials, and carbide composites can be used to achieve diverse properties such as improved mechanical strength, wear resistance, galling resistance, and corrosion resistance..

The welding process employs a constricted high-energy plasma arc between a non-consumable electrode and the base material, creating a molten weld pool. Filler material is introduced in either a wire form, which is fed into the back of the weld pool, or in powder form, which is fed through the torch and introduced to the welding arc above the weld pool. This process produces a metallurgically bonded overlay that has better fusion and corrosion properties than mechanically bonded processes.