Thermal Spray Aluminum Coating or TSA Coating as an edge over traditional coating techniques on iron and steel works that provides total corrosion protection and improves life of the metal. Thermal spray Aluminum coating involves deposition of aluminum with 99.5% purity over prepared surface. According to IS and BS standards it would resist up to 950 degrees temperature.

TSA coating process is used to protect metal against corrosion and oxidation operating in high temperature environment like chimneys at cement plant, petrochemical industry, Oil & Gas Industry, boiler tubes metallizing as well as corrosive iron or steel at subsea & marine atmosphere.


  • Onsite jobs
  • No size limitations
  • Cold process
  • Pure aluminum coating
  • Ideal surface for painting


  • IS:739
  • IS:2590
  • BS:2569 Part I & II
  • BS:1475