Thermal spray zinc Metallizing/coating is recommended to protect Iron and Steel from corrosion. In thermal spray metallizing process zinc coating is much purer when compared to hot dip galvanizing as its properties are pure and uncontaminated. They are widely used in preventing corrosion as the application of zinc forms a protective layer which provides excellent corrosion resistance in most atmospheres and in contact with many natural and synthetic substances.

Zinc Metallizing are widely used to protect finished products ranging from structural steel work in chemical plant, cement plant, power plant, bridges, storage tanks, refineries, pipe lines, etc.

The electrochemical relationship between zinc and steel enables Zinc coating also to protect steel at cutting edges and at breaks in the coating by a sacrificial action.


  • Proven long term protection
  • Cold process
  • No size limitations
  • On site jobs possible
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Preferred even under alkaline condition


  • IS:5905
  • IS:6586
  • IS:5493