In electric arc spraying process, two wires of material turned on electricity at the nozzle of spraying gun are melted with short circuit arc, then the molten materials are fine-grained and sprayed onto the subjects with compressed air. Electric arc spraying and flame spraying are collectively called wire processes. All metals and alloys in wire form are available for arc spraying material.

Electric-arc spray coating uses a simple, low power arc drawn between two electrically charged wires. Arc spray equipment resembles GMAW (MIG) welding equipment, in the power source and wire feeding units. Common arc spray units are capable of spraying iron and copper alloys at rates up to 40 lbs./hr (18 Kg/hr.) using only 12 kW (42 MJ) of electricity. Electric-arc spray coating produces the fastest coating rates of any thermal spray technology. Electric-arc spray coating devices are thermally efficient and, because there is no flame or plasma, little heat is transferred to the part being coated.